Meet Bill

Hopefully you’ve discovered that I (Bill Foster) am not the skeptic. I try to help believers engage skeptics while becoming more informed about their own faith. Here’s a little about me:

Something my brain seems geared to do is:
1) Recall information–meaningful or junk–that I see or hear. Factoids, trivia, sound bites, maxims, quotes, etc. all seem to stick. Whenever my wife can’t remember who played the 2nd guy from the left in a movie, she calls me. If you want to know the four-man lineup for the mock metal group Spinal Tap, I’m your guy. But if you want to know the four options for the cause of the universe, or the four quick Bible passages that show that Jesus is God, that’s me too. All facts are interesting and you never know how pop-culture trivia can punctuate a serious point.

2) Organize information. As a graphic designer, this is what I do day in and day out. I try to incorporate this skill into my writing and presentations as well. Meet The Skeptic is a good example of taking something complex and boiling it down to digestable pieces for practical use.

Looking forward to serving you with memorable presentations of truth.


3 Responses to Meet Bill

  1. Hi Bill,

    I am currently working through your book and while I’m impressed, especially with the section on Scientific skepticism, I have a question. Yoy recommend asking skeptics how much faith is required for their worldview; what if they simply respond: not much at all, supposing that if science has an answer it is a proven fact?

    God bless,
    Tony Breeden’

    • apologetics1 says:

      Thanks for your comment. The hypothetical answer you mention is exactly the one I anticipate in the book on pp. 89 & 95. They don’t believe faith is involved in their beliefs at all, so asserting that it is will provoke a denial. However, remind them that ALL investigations of past events require some degree of faith no matter which side you’re on. The question is, who is using reasonable/informed faith?

      For events in the past for which there are no similar repeatable events in the present (p.89) such as the universe popping into existence out of nothing, life from non-life, or one kind of creature changing into a another, assumptions (faith) must be the starting point for their investigation. In fact, these three examples are not just based on faith, but blind irrational faith b/c the same physical laws they trust for everything else already prove that nature is unable to do these things – they are trusting in super-natural processes (p.87).

      Hope the book is useful to you and your studies.


      • Thanks, Bill. I actually stumbled upon the answer to my own question as I was nosing back through the book. Thanks to my encounter with a particular skeptic the other day – and the fact that I found myself actually using some of your arguments – my review of your book is going to be a little bit different from my average approach [take that in a good way].

        God bless,

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