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Super Baal

It should be no surprise that if you want a good barometer of where the U.S. culture is just watch the Super Bowl. Whereas the ancient Israelites fashioned a golden calf as the focal point for the pagan, Baal-centered religious … Continue reading

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Gun Control – Part 2: Moral Disarmament

Recalling the pacifist movement in France between WWI and WWII, Thomas Sowell in Intellectuals and Society describes how teachers’ unions in France worked toward the “moral disarmament” of students by rewriting textbooks. By emphasizing being “citizens of the world” over patriotism … Continue reading

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Biblical skepticism in a nutshell

The Bible is difficult to defend in a brief exchange because it is a complex book whose image in the nonbelieving world has been shaped much more by hearsay than by firsthand inspection. Many believe that it is not inspired … Continue reading

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What is Secularism?

You’re probably accustomed to thinking about secularism as anything non-religious. That’s partially true, but that doesn’t explain its appeal or its power to influence the culture. Secularism means current = authoritative. The ideas and values of today’s culture are the … Continue reading

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