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Super Baal

It should be no surprise that if you want a good barometer of where the U.S. culture is just watch the Super Bowl. Whereas the ancient Israelites fashioned a golden calf as the focal point for the pagan, Baal-centered religious … Continue reading

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Peeling back the “Anti-gay” label

I’ve learned that the risk in elevating the dialogue is that when you move the argument out of reach, the labels are still handy on the lower shelves. From the way activists are characterizing recent comments by Chick-fil-a president Dan … Continue reading

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Do You Celebrate “Diversity” or Hide Behind It?

Celebrate diversity! has become a popular mantra. True diversity makes the world interesting and challenges us to look at things from another point of view. True diversity allows evaluation of and disagreement about differing viewpoints. However, like its twin brother, … Continue reading

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The Self-defeating Nature of Moral Relativism

A petard was a medieval bomb. To be “hoisted by one’s own petard” is to be blown up by one’s own bomb. People utter petards when they use words that destroy their own arguments (self-defeating statements). Here are a few  … Continue reading

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Which Side Is The Dark Side? [Moral Resource]

From Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005): Palpatine: “Anakin, search your feelings.” Anakin: “The Jedi use their power for good.” Palpatine: “Good is a point of view, Anakin.” Anakin: “The Sith rely on their passion for their … Continue reading

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What Is Moral Skepticism?

Moral relativism is a slippery worldview. It is blatantly self-defeating yet alarmingly popular because it sounds so tolerant and inclusive. Relativists want to liberate the world of moral absolutes they believe inhibit personal freedom and expression, yet they advance their … Continue reading

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The Bumper-Sticker “Wisdom” of COEXIST

A big reason people gravitate toward moral relativism is that it appears to promote peace and brotherly love. It is the worldview behind the ubiquitous “COEXIST” bumper stickers whose real message is not that all religions should just get along, … Continue reading

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