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Apologetics: Group Study using Meet The Skeptic

In light of recent positive feedback, I wanted to do a short series of posts reporting how my apologetics resource, Meet the Skeptic, is being used to equip the Body; the first being as an apologetics group study guide. From … Continue reading

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The Self-defeating Nature of Moral Relativism

A petard was a medieval bomb. To be “hoisted by one’s own petard” is to be blown up by one’s own bomb. People utter petards when they use words that destroy their own arguments (self-defeating statements). Here are a few  … Continue reading

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Listen for “Red-Flag Words”

Words can depict reality as it really is or they can twist it.  Words shape the culture. An integral tool in the Meet-The-Skeptic approach is the Red-Flag-Words list included in each category (Spiritual, Moral, Scientific, Biblical) in the book. These are words skeptics … Continue reading

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Making Our Faith Relevant

Both skeptics and Christians are guilty of not thinking through their beliefs. Clichés and bumper-sticker wisdom are examples of unexamined philosophy that we all fall back on at times. Many skeptics don’t know why they believe what they believe and … Continue reading

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What is a skeptic?

Skeptics are people who discard the biblical worldview in favor of other ways to see the world. Some had nonbelieving parents. Some had believing parents who were legalistic. Some have been deceived by false teachers and false religions. Some have … Continue reading

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Are We Relevant? (part 3)

A second standard Google uses to measure a site’s relevance is connectivity. Being linked to many other sites helps the browser ranking of your site. So how does this apply to sharing our faith? Merely bumping into a lot of … Continue reading

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Are We Relevant? (part 2)

My point in the last post was that using fashionable means to try to show the relevance of our faith to the popular culture will only go so far. The substance of Christianity is the most relevant message in the … Continue reading

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