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Apologetics: One-on-One Using Meet The Skeptic

One of the most encouraging responses I’ve received about Meet The Skeptic came from a young woman who sent me a Q&A tract she had made from the 4-category model in the book. She had taken the key components from … Continue reading

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Apologetics: Group Study using Meet The Skeptic

In light of recent positive feedback, I wanted to do a short series of posts reporting how my apologetics resource, Meet the Skeptic, is being used to equip the Body; the first being as an apologetics group study guide. From … Continue reading

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INTERSTELLAR and the 6 Days of Genesis

The new film, Interstellar, starring Matthew McConaughey incorporates some serious science amid the impressive special effects and sci-fi plot. One of the most interesting principles the film depicts is a phenomenon known as time dilation which has implications for understanding … Continue reading

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Elysium: sweaty, juvenile Socialism

I really wanted to see Elysium on the big screen but my wife refused to pay theater price for what we both knew was a propaganda film. Still, I really thought the visually artistic aspects and the performances of two … Continue reading

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Christians, it’s ok to be a little weird

Kirsten Powers, a Fox News contributor, self-described liberal, and former atheist recently made public her conversion several years ago to evangelical Christianity. She explains how her boyfriend at the time asked her point-blank if she believed Jesus was her savior. … Continue reading

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Blessed by a Leper

The following is not a feel-good story with an online life of its own, but an actual, recent event given to me firsthand by the health care-giver friend of mine in the account. I hope it blesses and teaches you … Continue reading

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Free Book Friday! Sponsored by Master Books

Comment on this post today (Friday, 5/31/13) and earn a chance to win a free copy of Meet The Skeptic: A Field Guide to Faith Conversations by Bill Foster! One print copy and one digital copy will be given away. Meet … Continue reading

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