Peeling back the “Anti-gay” label

I’ve learned that the risk in elevating the dialogue is that when you move the argument out of reach, the labels are still handy on the lower shelves.

From the way activists are characterizing recent comments by Chick-fil-a president Dan Cathy, you would think he had instructed his drive-thrus not to serve any car sporting an HRC bumper sticker or forced only homosexual employees to work in cow costumes. The reason for the “anti-gay” epithet–a label now easier to obtain than oxygen–however, is merely Cathy’s sober, biblically-based, traditional-family worldview. (Keep in mind that no hint of discrimination has ever been charged against the company.)

Today in Huffpost Gay Voices writer Steven Kurlander describes Chick-fil-a as a company that, “supports groups that attack civil-rights protections for people based on their sexual preference…”  “Attack”?? Does he mean ‘cast a vote’ against gay marriage or ‘send sandwiches to a marriage enrichment conference’ that never mentioned homosexuality? You’ve got to wonder how legitimate a worldview is when it must be this histrionic to prop up its argument.

What is clear is that “anti-gay” now means anything other than enthusiastic support for homosexual marriage or gay activism. If you are “pro-family” you are automatically anti-gay whether or not you have ever acted disrespectfully toward any gay individual. Gay activists have twisted “intolerance” to now mean “disagree” when in fact we must disagree in order to be tolerant of their view in the first place. So how tolerant is the group who either forces you to agree with them or tries to destroy you?

But what really is “anti-gay”? Is it being against ideas or against people? For a Bible-believing Christian in this case the two are mutually exclusive; to be against the gay lifestyle is to be for the well-being of the person. I don’t support the sexual behavior of homosexuals for the same reason I don’t tell a chronic smoker that a carton-a-day is a fantastic way to stay in shape. (The health statistics from homosexual periodicals alone–not to mention the drug companies who advertise in them–attest to the destructive nature of the lifestyle.) True agape love means valuing the well-being of a person over making them ‘happy’–regardless of the labels that come our way.

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One Response to Peeling back the “Anti-gay” label

  1. The language used in this debate startles me. I’m surprised at how slanted the terminology is against people who are pro-family. Huff Post does this, as well as Time and others. It reminds me of how the abortion debate has been framed up unfairly by mainstream media. Scary.

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