Do You Celebrate “Diversity” or Hide Behind It?

Celebrate diversity! has become a popular mantra. True diversity makes the world interesting and challenges us to look at things from another point of view. True diversity allows evaluation of and disagreement about differing viewpoints. However, like its twin brother, “tolerance,” today’s “diversity” uses a group’s racial, ethnic, religious, or sexual identity to shield that group’s ideas from critique; diverse people are equal, therefore, their ideas should be equal. Opposition to the ideas is framed as prejudice against the people representing those ideas. The ideas then get a free pass regardless of their validity and are foisted on society as feel-good experiments. What if the FDA approved drugs using  this philosophy?

Nearly any behavior can be defended under the guise of “diversity.” According to our relativistic culture, those who don’t buy into the imposter definition of diversity are “prejudiced,” “bigoted,” “closed-minded,” “intolerant,” and “exclusive.” But relativists don’t respect all opinions equally either; they believe “diversity” is better than other views. Should all people be equally respected due to their God-given value? Absolutely. But even sincere, kind, interesting individuals of diverse stripes can promote ideas that history and evidence prove faulty.

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